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Why Hand jacked?

Hand Jacked Trucks makes the best lifted trucks both new and used, and we don’t cheap out on quality components. Our trucks are $10-20k less than similar packages from other lifted truck manufacturers. There’s a lot of them out there, but they all follow the same boring template for their trucks - 35” tires, 20” wheels, basic leather, useless fender flares, subpar 6” lifts that they white label as their own so you don’t know what crap they're putting on the truck.

We’re done pulling the punches - you deserve to know the difference!

Hand Jacked VS. The Other Guys Hand Jacked VS. The Other Guys


4-6-8" ProComp

We proudly stand behind ProComp lift kits and will never hide behind a white label. We can be transparent about our products, because they're one of the best lift kits on the market.

Rough Country

All the big upfitters have a deal with Rough Country to private label RC's lifts as their own. They'll call it "Our premium 6" lift" - but it's just a rebranded RC lift. We know because so many of our employees use to work for those companies.


37" Toyo Tires

Toyo tires boast a reputation as an extremely complient tire. We offer them in 35" on our Level package and then 37-40" on our other packages Their softer tread means a quieter ride without sacrificing that aggressive aesthetic.

35" Mickey Thompson

Smaller tires provide less ground clearance, and the ATZ's smaller lugs restrict off-road performance capability. We believe tire selection makes all the difference between a truly off-road capable vehicle and simply managing the occasional dirt road.


20-24" 4Play Premium

4Play wheels are some of the best looking wheels available for your 4x4 truck. We fit 22x10 wheels standard to give your truck a super agressive stance! We also offer 24" for premium upgrade as well as 20" on our Level packages. "Deepest, Strongest and Hardest Wheels on the Planet" - DuPont Registry

20" generic

Mass produced chinese wheels. Fitted at 20x9.


Alea Leather

Bespoke Italian Leather Hide used for each custom Alea design available to you.

Road Wire

Basic entry-level options offered, making it more difficult to get the custom designs you want at the price you need.


5yr/60k miles

Our warranty covers not only our components but also covers the engine, transmission, transfer case, axles and gears!

3yr/36k miles

Only covers the parts added by the upfit company. Does not cover engines, transmissions, etc.



With “HandJacked” You are spending Less Money for better parts, stop over paying for the cheapest parts in the country.


A higher price for cheaper parts.

Corporate Ownership

Privately Owned

Our employee owned company offers the highest levels of craftmenship, backed by hard working people that aren't going to go anywhere or have to satisfy corporate interests.

Owned by Hedgefund

Mass production by a large corporation that has to chase bottom line profits instead of building quality trucks.

We believe in giving you more for your money.

Spending $10-20k more for puddle lights, a bull bar and fender flares just isn't worth it. Those items are $1k at most.

If you'd like to take a Hand Jacked Truck for a test drive at a dealership near you, send us your info and we'll line you up with the vehicle that you're interested in

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