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Jeep has been known for years as one of the best names in off-road vehicle manufacturing. Their ability to produce something that is comfortable to drive as well as off-road capable is unparalleled. At Hand Jacked we found a way to take their factory vehicle and make it something more than just off-road capable—we built a trail machine that commands attention. Check out all of our custom lifted Jeep Wrangler packages below and see for yourself.

The original Jeep was designed specifically for the military, and it was made as a four-wheel-drive reconnaissance car for off-road ops. Eventually, the effectiveness of the Jeep during World War II was so famous that it became symbolic of the United States itself. Thanks to its service during the war, the vehicle has been called a personification of American ingenuity. It’s also one of the oldest mass-produced four-wheel drive vehicles on the road. The Jeep is still a popular and highly respected off-road vehicle. Today, the name is synonymous with light four-wheel drive vehicles that people love to drive just about anywhere. At Hand Jacked, we love the old-school look and off-road functionality of the Jeep Wrangler. Even so, we also wanted to find a way to improve it. Our expert team did this by customizing the suspension, updating the wheels and tires, and adding a ton of incredible custom features. The end result is a tough, lifted Jeep that’s ready to handle any test. You won’t find a better vehicle to go mudding or off-roading, because our Jeeps can go everywhere and do just about anything. Find more info about the custom Jeep Wranglers from Hand Jacked Trucks below.

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Hand Jacked Jeep packages are built for the off-road enthusiast. Designed for those who like their path a little less paved and are determined to pursue adventure. The addition of our beautiful plush leather gives these Jeep packages that uniquely crafted feel that Hand Jacked is known for. Look through our full collection of custom Jeep JLs below and find the perfect package for you.



Hand Jacked produced the USA-1 to create a simple and clean compliment to the Jeep. This package comes with a 6-inch suspension lift and blacked out 22-inch wheels. Taken one step further with the 37-inch tires, this Jeep is ready for adventure whenever you are.

Wrangler USA-1 Wrangler Punisher Gladiator